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a journey with the fiddle

Scenes and stories from Jackson’s twenty years of music-making are the inspiration from which this album grew. Trading tunes in the meadows of Big Sur’s majestic mountains, watching—fiddles in hand—as lightning storms streak across the Tennessee plains, romping through the Santa Cruz redwoods chased by a band of wild fiddlers, the smell of coffee through the dappled morning sun on a fiddle camp morning, fueling bleary-eyed musicians who’d stayed up half the night….

This album is full-to-the-brim with dance tunes inspired by those giddy wee-hour jams, pieces shaped by clouds on a crisp March day in Halifax, and tunes written in ghost towns along New Mexico’s high desert. This collection celebrates the strength of community, the power of returning home with a heart full of new adventures, and a love for the music that brings us all together.

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Produced by Jayme Stone
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by David Travers-Smith
Recorded at Swingfingers Studio, Colorado
Design by Adam Agee
Photos by Alexandra DeFurio

Simon Chrisman (hammered dulcimer)
Colin Cotter (guitar)
Nic Gareiss (percussive dance)
Grant Gordy (guitar)
Adam Hurt (gourd & clawhammer banjo)
Kevin Matthews (drums)
Andrew Ryan (bass)
Ben Sollee (cello)
Jayme Stone (banjo)